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Shab e Barat or the Night of Forgiveness, is celebrated among a large part of Muslims. It is mainly celebrated in Asian, South East Asian and Central Asian regions with great fervor. This night is celebrated on the night between 14th of Shaban and 15th Shaban, 8th month of the lunar year. The Muslims all over the world celebrate this night. This night is considered being one of the holiest and sacred most nights in the lunar calendar.



History of Shab e Barat:

Shab e Barat, which is also said to be the night of forgiveness, is an important religious ritual among Sunni Muslims, through-out the world. It is annually celebrated with great religious zeal. There is no specific description of this night in the Holy Quran, yet there are a few Ahadith where its importance is discussed.

This night commemorates the greatest event of history of Islam, the victory of Makkah, the day when Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon Him entered Makkah victoriously.

This night is also called the night of forgiveness and freedom. It is also narrated that the names of the souls who are to be born or to leave the world are determined and decided on this night. It is a very important night. The doors of Allah`s mercy and forgiveness are spread wide open on this night.

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