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Quran Reading With Proper Tajweed Course

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Course Introduction

Discover the Beauty of Perfect Recitation

Learning Tajweed

with Online Cloud Education

The Quran is like a special message for everyone, not just a bunch of words. But to really get its magic, you need to say the words just right. That’s where Tajweed comes in—it’s like a guide that helps us say each word perfectly.

At Online Cloud Education, we make Tajweed super easy to understand, no matter where you’re from. Whether you’re just starting out or want to get better at saying the words, we’re here to help you at every step. Come join us and feel the difference in how you connect with the Quran.

Course Breakdown: Online Quran Tajweed

Embark on a journey of enriching your Quranic recitation with our Online Quran Tajweed course. Tailored to be easily accessible and beneficial for learners of all levels, this course aims to provide a solid understanding of Tajweed, ensuring that you recite the Quran with accuracy and beauty.

  1. Foundations of Tajweed & its Importance:
  2. Makhaarij (Articulation Points of Letters):
  1. Sifaat (Characteristics of Letters):
  2. Qalqalah (Echoing Sounds)
  3. Rules of Noon & Meem Mushaddadah:
  4. Rules of Madd (Lengthening):
  5. Rules of Qalb (Changing)
  6. Waqa’f (Pausing & Stopping Rules)
  7. Rules of Lam Al-Shamseeyah & Lam Al-Qamareeyah
  8. Levels of Tafkheem (Heavy) & Tarqeeq (Light):
  9. Sakt (Silent Pause)
  10. Ghunnah (Nasal Sound)
  11. Idgham (Assimilation)
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How to Learn Quran Reading with Tajweed at Online Cloud Educatrion

Get Started with Online Cloud Education: Join our platform, Online Cloud Education, to start your learning journey. Select the Tajweed course and customize your class schedule to fit your preferences.

  1. Personalized Learning Experience: Connect with a certified Tajweed tutor for personalized, one-on-one sessions tailored to your individual pace and skill level.
  2. Leverage Cutting-Edge Tools: Explore advanced tools on our platform, such as the digital Quran, annotation features, and real-time feedback options, enhancing your learning experience.
  3. Dedicated Practice: Practice regularly with recitation sessions alongside your lessons. Receive instant corrections from our tutors to refine your pronunciation.
  4. Interactive Learning Modules: Engage with our course modules designed with hands-on exercises, ensuring a thorough understanding of Tajweed rules in a practical way.
  5. Feedback and Progress Evaluation: Benefit from regular assessments and feedback sessions, facilitating continuous improvement in your Tajweed skills.
  6. Flexibility to Suit Your Schedule: Learn at a pace that suits you. Whether you prefer daily, bi-weekly, or weekend classes, Online Cloud Education accommodates your schedule.
    Online Cloud Education is committed to providing a seamless and enriching learning experience for your Quranic education

Discover What You'll Learn in Online Cloud Education's Quran Reading with Tajweed Course:

  1. Understanding the Essence of Tajweed:

       – Delve into the core and significance of Tajweed, unraveling its importance in perfecting Quranic articulation
  2. Exploring Articulation Points (Makharij):

       – Identify where each Arabic letter originates within the mouth and throat, enhancing your letter pronunciation skills.

  3. Understanding Characteristics of Letters (Sifaat):

       – Explore the distinct attributes of Arabic letters, such as echoing and sharpness, for a nuanced understanding of pronunciation.

  4. Mastery of Rules for Noon Sakinah and Tanween:

       – Perfect the intricacies of Ith-har, Idgham, Iqlab, and Ikhfa in Noon Sakinah and Tanween, refining your recitation skills.

  5. Art of Elongation (Madd):

  6. Waqf and Ibtidaa Craftsmanship:

  7. Tafkheem and Tarqeeq Techniques:

  8. Application in Practical Recitation:

  9. Error Detection and Rectification Skills:

  10. Certification Readiness Preparation:

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